We Are All Green here

We Are All Green here
I am going to use solar panels to charge my project

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Blog Ideas

Hello people hope you're having a really good day today but to get on with things I have some more news to share with you I am thinking about trying to make pictures for my blog like I actually draw them and color them. Some will be funny and others will be used to try and show you want I need to do for my project. Like I will be making a little outline on what will be inside of it and what I hope will be around it things like that. I am kinda of in a area in my project where I am stuck and I am trying to figure out things. Youtube has been a really big help along with Google because I am learning things that I would probably never even scratch the surface about in school. Well bye for now and if you have anything to say leave a comment!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Update Time!!!!!

Hello people I am running out of good Titles so if I ever run out of a good title I might just say update to keep you guys updated on my work so far. I really haven't gotten into my project a lot because of the fact that i got sick and well being sick stinks since I could barely move. Still I have some more info to share with you guys today or anytime you guys are reading this. First off I want to explain what Ted Talks are to people who do not know what they are. Basically Ted Talks are where a person goes up in front of people and talks about things they learned, want to happen, or discuss something. If you haven't already guessed I am going to do a Ted Talk about my success and failures but more importantly what I have learned. I think all of you have a pretty good idea on what I have learned if you have read all my posts and they aren't very wordy but it is really interesting on what I have learned about solar energy that i might not have ever learned in school.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Have You seen it?

Hey guys I put up pictures as you cans see which you might be thinking "finally i thought this guy was bluffing or something about building it.' Well I'm not so yeah and I am having a tough time completing it since it gets really complicated when you build it from scratch. Still any advice I'm happy to take it if you have any or your just reading to see how I am doing that's fine too. Another thing is that I have completed by checkpoint assignment and I haven't gotten the grade yet even though I don't think I have high chances of an A even though maybe I do. So Anyways I have tried charging a phone with my solar device and it didn't go very well then I tried charging something else. I know I am not really being very specific but I don't really know what it's called it is a box shaped device that you charge then you carry it around and charge your phone. WHich is kinda what I am doing but instead of using a wall outlet or a computer to charge the device I will be using a solar panel. Well bye again I will be having a Birthday party this Saturday so I will be building it more hopefully on Friday and Sunday.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

All in the Learning

Well hello people how are you doing because I hope your doing great since why would I think otherwise and I have some more info. Mostly fails trying to see if my solar panel can charge something that can be used to be removed from my circuit and into a phone and then back again. I have also been doing quite a bit of research which is necessary since i am doing something that I have no info on it that comes across my head if I hadn't done and research. Another thing is that I have almost finished my 20% time presentation checkpoint thing I just need to upload my pictures. Finally if you have nay tips on solar energy or circuits leave me a  and I will try to read it well bye!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Work,Work, and Work

Hello people so Checkpoint assignment is going to be due next Friday instead so a little misunderstanding  from last time. Another thing is we got a bunch of dates that will be markers all the way to our Ted talk which is the final part. In our Ted Talk we need a speech and we need to show everyone that we have accomplished what we need to do. Which I don't think I'll have a problem with it since I have a good place in my project. I would also like to say that making my project isn't the easiest thing I am also no expert so I have been researching constantly to figure out things. Well goodbye till next week maybe my project will finally be finished or I will have to be working on it a lot more just depends.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Moving Forward!

Hello everyone did you have a good spring break because I did since I got to remodel my room and make a closet so that was fun! I also have been planning and trying to make my project so prepare yourselves and tune in! First off I tried to make my project during spring break but I kinda failed since apparently I didn't get the thing I needed from Amazon. Now I am waiting for my package from Amazon so that I may be able to finish my project even though there is a lot to do. We also got a assignment that we have to do in 2 weeks where we make a presentation telling about how far we have gotten. Well anyway I have noticed that I make really short blogs so my bad I'll try and do better. So thank you for viewing my blog and if you have anything to say leave me a comment I'll be sure to read it! So bye guys!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

It Arrived

Hey guys my Amazon stuff arrived today so I have that to start on building it for real instead of you know everything else I've done.  So during spring break i'll be working on it and during the week maybe so most of it will be built during spring break. Also there will be quiet a few delays since I am remodeling my room which is fun so far. I also want to say that spring break is coming and I am excited since school work won't get in the way of building my project. So see you guys at the end of spring break thank you for reading my blogs!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Plan Ahead

To start off I am going to say that I have ordered my stuff from Amazon that I will use to build my project as I had said before in my previous posts. I am also going to build my project during Spring Break so that my school work doesn't get in the way...as much. I think I have enough research to know how to build my prototype if it doesn't work at first. I think this will definitely become a success. I also want to say thank you for viewing my blog lately I have quite a few views because of you guys!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Little Update

So yesterday it snowed giving me some time to do some work and I have to say my idea does seem possible after doing even more research. Also I think that during spring break I can probably finish it right there and then so there is a date for that. I also have been thinking about my speech for when I present my project to the audience. I think I will just act natural and just talking about my story and how I learned about what I need to know to make it. I was also thinking of some background music for when I walk in.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

It Went Well

The pitch day with our posters went well like how a lot of people came to my poster and they were interested in what I had to say. My poster talked about most of what I had been telling all of you and it had lights that worked without a wire or plug. Instead the lights worked by cutting them from the wires and reattaching them together. After that I tied them to some alligator clips and I just had to open the alligator clips and connect them to the positive and negative side of the battery. Finally all I had to do was have all the paper parts on the poster that explained what I was doing and I was done.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Some more Ideas as well as more Info

So if you read some of my previous posts I had talked about how I am changing the look of it so it can actually work properly. I also have gotten ready to make the prototype as well as having some thought on a cool attachment to the final production. I am thinking about having the two prong charger with a battery connected to it that is detachable from the panel. In other words it is like the solar panel is charging the two prong charger and you can take it off with that energy so you can charge it. Even though this is a cool idea I will need to further investigate if this will work out.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Some of the stuff that I have learned

Hey everyone I forgot to to blog last week sorry about that but anyway I had been learning quite a bit lately. For instance I had learned about how to find out how much energy I get from solar energy with a equation that requires multiple things. In order to find Watts measure of amount of energy produced per second I have to use Amps the amount of energy used and the volts which measure the pressure. Once you have your Amps and Volts you multiply them to get the Watts, even though you still need more. Like how you have to use a solar calculator which measures much more like how much sunlight you get and how much you use your device. I will be figuring out the equation but I also am going to make my project the Sun Flower a solar powered device you can bring with you but still you need to be careful with. In fact if you were to go on a airplane make sure you have your solar device in a separate bag where it can't thrash or get damaged.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Little Change

My original plan is actually not really accurate as far as solar energy science goes because like I said before I planned for it to be small. Though solar panels aren't small I could make it go down in size but it wouldn't collect the right amount of energy. Like to charge a whole tv you would need around 100 watts which is a measurement of energy it collects or gives kinda like a light bulb when you hear watts. So in order to make my plan successful i will have to do some serious wiring with a pro electrician.

Here are my new plans if you were wondering I am trying to build either a foldable solar charger which you bring with you on trips that has a two prong charger. I could also make a solar phone charger with a cool design that you put near your window to collect some energy.  Of course out of all the ideas I have there will always be a problem since you can only collect so much without some sun light change. What I mean by that is that you won't always get a sunny day there might be clouds which change the  amount of solar energy you collect.

Friday, January 8, 2016

More Info on What Will Be Happening

Well apparently soon we will present our posters and explain about our project and what we need. So if a person knows quite a bit about it they can help us with our project. For example, if a person sees a solar powered device and they say they can help, then they would become a mentor and would help the person when they are having trouble or they can also teach them. I also wanted to say that I am close to figuring out how to run circuits, of course with help from an adult. I will be able to test it once I get the materials.