We Are All Green here

We Are All Green here
I am going to use solar panels to charge my project

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Some of the stuff that I have learned

Hey everyone I forgot to to blog last week sorry about that but anyway I had been learning quite a bit lately. For instance I had learned about how to find out how much energy I get from solar energy with a equation that requires multiple things. In order to find Watts measure of amount of energy produced per second I have to use Amps the amount of energy used and the volts which measure the pressure. Once you have your Amps and Volts you multiply them to get the Watts, even though you still need more. Like how you have to use a solar calculator which measures much more like how much sunlight you get and how much you use your device. I will be figuring out the equation but I also am going to make my project the Sun Flower a solar powered device you can bring with you but still you need to be careful with. In fact if you were to go on a airplane make sure you have your solar device in a separate bag where it can't thrash or get damaged.

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