We Are All Green here

We Are All Green here
I am going to use solar panels to charge my project

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Update Time!!!!!

Hello people I am running out of good Titles so if I ever run out of a good title I might just say update to keep you guys updated on my work so far. I really haven't gotten into my project a lot because of the fact that i got sick and well being sick stinks since I could barely move. Still I have some more info to share with you guys today or anytime you guys are reading this. First off I want to explain what Ted Talks are to people who do not know what they are. Basically Ted Talks are where a person goes up in front of people and talks about things they learned, want to happen, or discuss something. If you haven't already guessed I am going to do a Ted Talk about my success and failures but more importantly what I have learned. I think all of you have a pretty good idea on what I have learned if you have read all my posts and they aren't very wordy but it is really interesting on what I have learned about solar energy that i might not have ever learned in school.

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